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Alice in Borderland (2022) S02

Alice in Borderland (2022) S02

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With his two friends, a Alice in Borderland video-game-obsessed young man finds himself in a strange version of Tokyo where they must compete in dangerous games to win.

In Tokyo, video-game obsessed Arisu hangs out with his friends Chōta and Karube. While dancing in the streets of Shibuya Crossing, the trio causes an altercation which results in them being chased by the police. Hiding in a bathroom in the station, the group reemerges to find the city empty. At night, the group notices a billboard leading them to a “game arena.” Inside, the trio finds a stack of phones, which show them the game’s difficulty level, illustrated by a playing card. The group is also joined by a high school girl and another woman named Shibuki who informs them that once a player enters an arena they cannot leave, as a laser would shoot them dead if they tried. In their first game, a “Three of Clubs” difficulty-level titled “Dead or Alive,” the group is forced to pick between two doors under a certain time limit, one containing an entrance to another room with the same choice, and the other, certain death.Alice in Borderland Season 1 Download

In the end, only the original trio and Shibuki make it out alive, with Chōta leaving with an injured leg. Outside, the group is given individual “visas,” which are extended the more they play and result in execution once expired.Stranded without electricity, internet, or a way to escape the abandoned city, Arisu and Karube decide to participate in another game to extend their visas, leaving Shibuki to tend to an injured Chōta. At another game arena Alice in Borderland located in an apartment complex, the pair meet a large group of players, including a mysterious woman named Usagi, a strong man named Aguni, and a sly, quiet player named Chishiya. Before beginning, Arisu learns the meaning of each card; Spades correlate to games of strength, Clubs are team battles, Diamonds are a battle of wits, and Hearts correlate to games of betrayal. The current game, a “Five of Spades” difficulty-level titled “Tag,” follows the players hiding in the complex from a pair of brutal killers, as they try to find a room that contains a pair of buttons that will stop a bomb from exploding.

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